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3 Residential Flooring Considerations

Are you updating your flooring?

Are you updating your flooring?

Choosing the right flooring for your home can be a difficult call. There are so many styles and varieties and they all have their own unique benefits. To find the perfect fit for your needs you may want to work with a professional to see what will work best for your home and budget.   


If you live in an active home with pets or children, laminate floors might be the best option. Laminate is durable, easy to clean, and cheaper than the other two alternatives. However, in the event of water damage, it will be affected in the same manner as wood. Laminate is unique in that it offers plenty of variety, you can get the look of wood, stone, and tile all from simple laminate. For both the creative homeowner on a budget and the high-end homeowner with several pets, laminate can be a very useful material.


The timeless beauty and warmth of hardwood make it a desirable choice. Recent developments in the application of finishes have increased the durability and warranties of wood floors significantly. Even with the new finishes, wood flooring is more susceptible to denting and scratching than other materials. If you choose hardwood for your flooring the species of wood you use can have a significant effect on price and durability. Exotic hardwoods are the most durable yet the most expensive, meanwhile material like pine is cheaper but more likely to dent and scratch.  


Tile is often a preferred flooring in areas prone to water damage, like bathrooms and kitchens, because it can withstand damp and wet conditions far better than either laminate or hardwood. Some of the main concerns come from the possibility of visible chipping and the extra trouble of keeping grout clean. Both of these concerns can be remedied by using a porcelain based tile. In the event of chipping, porcelain interior and exterior are remarkably similar in color. Porcelain tile can also be installed without the use of grout or with very little so that the issue of cleaning is no longer a problem. That said, tile is still more expensive to maintain and install than the other methods so it may be best left to those areas prone to water damage.   

Start Planning Your New Floors

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