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3 Reasons to Choose Professional Flooring Installation

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If you’ve recently bought a fixer-upper, or even if your current home is just in need of some updates, eventually you’re going to turn your eyes towards the floor. After the walls, the floors are one of the first things people think to change in a home to make it feel really new. New floors are a great way to bring life to an old home, but installing them is a huge responsibility and a lot of work. If you’ve decided that your home really does need new floors, here are some reasons to opt for professional installation.

The Old Floor

Before you can bring in the new, it has to be out with old, right? Maybe and maybe not. A professional will be able to come in and assess whether the new flooring can be laid down over the old, or if it all has to come up.  They also know the proper way to take up the old flooring if necessary and dispose of it. There are elements to flooring removal that you may have never considered. For instance, when removing carpeting, you also have to remove the staples, but you leave the tacks in place. Your professional has the knowledge to do the job right.

Prepping The New Floor

Your professional installer will know the ins and outs of preparing to do the job correctly. For instance, the new hardwood flooring needs to be acclimated to your home environment before it is installed. This allows the wood to expand and shrink to the conditions of your home so there are no gaps after the flooring is installed. A professional installer knows how to stage the flooring so it can acclimate correctly but not be a hazard to your family.

Other Preparations

The new materials aren’t the only thing that needs preparation. A professional installer can also do all of the grunt work of prepping the rooms where the new floors will go. They can check the subfloor and make the professional decision whether it needs to be replaced or prepare it to take the new hardwood if it can stay. They can remove all the baseboards and molding without damaging them in preparation for laying the new floor. They can also move the heavy furniture out of the way, which might be too much for you to manage on your own. Finally, they can assess your door clearance and decide if the doors need to be removed temporarily and shaved down to accommodate the new floors.

RPS Carpet and Flooring Wholesalers

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