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3 Considerations on Choosing Carpet Flooring

3 Considerations on Choosing Carpet Flooring

As with most types of flooring choices, there are plenty of different factors to weigh before making a carpet flooring decision. Here are just three to start.

Carpet flooring continues to be an all-around comfortable and safe choice for residential floors. It’s soft, cozy, and even luxurious in some cases. But just like how choosing the right carpet flooring can transform a room for the better, making the wrong choice could make your home feel off or out-of-date. So while a home is an apt setting to use carpeting, one shouldn’t be careless with their decision. As with most types of flooring choices, there are plenty of different factors to weigh before making a carpet flooring decision. Here are just three to start.

Room Use

If you are certain about using carpet flooring for a particular room or area of your home, you should still assess your usage of the space. It could help you determine the right color or durability you’ll want out of your carpet selection. Consider whether the area of your home has heavy or light foot traffic. Is it likely for people to track messes or moisture from outside or bathrooms onto the carpeted area? Further, is the space for casual family use or a designated area for entertaining in your house? The carpeting may not even be for a room, but for a hallway or the stairs.


When choosing hardwood floors, one must consider the subfloor layer as part of their decision-making. Similarly, you should be contemplating the foundation layer of your carpet flooring, which is going to be the carpet padding. Rubber or foam carpet padding is essential for providing additional cushioning and support for carpet underfoot. It functions as an insulating layer, a noise control layer, and even a moisture control barrier. Choosing great carpet padding is just as important as the carpet that will end up covering it.


Indeed, we have not touched on selecting color or style of carpet flooring in extensive detail. Truthfully, those types of choices come down to a matter of personal preference and desired interior aesthetics. But what you can count on impacting your style selection is the price. The material composition and manufacturing type usually indicate the price range the carpeting will fall into. Carpets with Olefin polypropylene fibers are among the more affordable types of carpeting, as are those made with Berber loop-pile that are quite popular with commercial carpet tiles.

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