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Is Carpet The Best Choice For My Maryland Home?

Is carpet the right choice for your Maryland home?

There are a variety of flooring options available in today’s market. From hardwood to laminate flooring, it’s important to choose an option that’s right for your home. Carpet is the home flooring standard and it has been a staple in homes across the country since such a luxury became available to the masses. There are many reasons that carpeting is the flooring of choice for millions of homeowners.

Reap the Rewards


  • Ideal for Young Children:  A great benefit of carpet is that it provides a safer area for toddlers learning how to walk, allowing for a softer cushion for those inevitable tumbles. Wood floors and tiles can be slicker allowing for an accident or damage to easily occur.


  • Added Comfort: A practical benefit of carpet is the warmth it provides. Not only does it provide a warmer ambiance for the home, but it helps keep homes warmer by acting as an insulator, a major benefit leading into the upcoming colder months.
  • Clean with Ease: People don’t always think about the fact that carpets are easier to keep clean than other floors.  People who have wooden floors know the monotonous routine of constantly sweeping. People with carpets also see fewer dust particles in the air. That is because those particles stay in the carpet until they can be vacuumed, rather than being stirred up every time someone walks through the room.

Maintaining Carpet 

Keeping a carpet clean provides many benefits for your home, lifestyle, and visual aesthetic. A clean carpet acts as a catalyst for a cozy, comfortable and stylish home. A badly kept carpet can ruin the mood of the whole room, no matter how nice the rest of the room design. In order to keep your carpet clean and fresh, simply vacuum once or twice a week, and once a year have it cleaned by professional residential carpet cleaners. Pat, clean, remove, and dry any spills as soon as they happen, and take the color of the carpet into consideration not just for its visual appeal, but for the likelihood of stains occurring – for example, white carpet may not be an ideal choice for those with children or pets, as a deep brown may work better when you know accidents are inevitable!

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