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Best Commercial Flooring for Restaurants

If you own or manage a restaurant, you know how important it is to find the right flooring. Between setting the right atmosphere for your establishment, and making sure that high-traffic areas are easy to clean and keep looking good as new, there are plenty of factors to consider for your commercial flooring options. After all, flooring is an essential investment for your establishment! The right commercial flooring should have longevity and contribute to your establishment’s overall style–with the proper care and maintenance, it will be with your restaurant for years to come! Here are our tips for finding the best commercial flooring for restaurants.


Tile is a popular choice for restaurants of all sorts due to how easy it is to clean and maintain! Ceramic tile, in particular, is a great choice due to its durability and longevity. Plus, you can find ceramic tile in several colors and styles to fit just about any design scheme.


Laminate is an extremely popular option for restaurants due to its cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and simple cleanup. In the restaurant industry, it’s crucial that your kitchen and serving area are clean and hygienic. Hence, a floor that can be easily cleaned by daily sweeping and mopping is key to ensuring your space remains as clean as possible. Plus, laminate is highly resistant to a number of types of damage, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens.


Stone is an excellent option for a natural, elegant look in any restaurant. Stone tiles are a great way to add charm and upscale atmosphere to any restaurant space. Plus, stone is stronger than ceramic tiles, so it is much less likely to crack in the case of major drops or accidents on the serving floor. While stone can have a slightly higher price point and be a bit more challenging to install, some upscale establishments will opt to invest in this flooring option for its longevity, ease of maintenance, and elegant look.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

A growing trend in restaurants when it comes to commercial flooring is luxury vinyl tile. It’s durable and ideal for holding up against spills and heavy foot traffic. Plus, luxury vinyl tile (or LVT) is commonly made to look like hardwood, metallic material, or other designs to fit just about any design scheme. This makes it a highly versatile material for restaurants of all types!

Hardwood Products

Some restaurant owners prefer the natural, classic look of hardwood in their establishment. This material can fit just about any style and, with the right maintenance, will give any restaurant space a timeless charm for years to come. While this material can be scuffed and scratched by heavy traffic on the serving floor, it can be easily cleaned and regularly treated to keep it looking its best.

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