Answering Common Flooring and Installation Questions

Flooring and installation is a vast world. Let’s face it: there are just so many options and styles out there that end up leaving you with an endless ocean of choices, all of which have their own benefits and drawbacks. Now, having choices has never been a bad thing in and of itself, as it means you can get the floors you want. Still, you may want some help in navigating all the options that are out there and figuring out what’s right for you. Here are some of the most common flooring and installation questions we tend to see answered so you can make an informed decision about your floors.

What’s Best For What Room?

Some flooring options are more versatile than others. In rooms where water is a concern, such as your bathrooms and even your kitchen, you may want a hard flooring material that won’t get damaged from water, like tile or properly sealed hardwood. In bedrooms and living rooms, carpets are sometimes used as well, although carpets are difficult to clean and maintain. If you want to find a middle ground, consider having a hard floor like hardwood and just throwing down area rugs to get the benefits of carpet without all those drawbacks.

What If I Have Pets?

If you’ve got a furry family member, you’re going to want to think about your floors, too. Some flooring options allow mud to be tracked in or hold onto scents easier. Then again, hardwood floors can end up getting scratched by big, energetic dogs, so that’s important to keep in mind as well. Vinyl, laminate, or tile may be the best options, which are both stain-resistant and easy to clean. Carpets or area rugs can be a favorite for cat-owners, but make sure they have plenty of scratching surfaces, so they don’t damage your floors.

What If My Carpets Get Dirty?

The best preventative strategies for keeping your carpets in good shape may seem obvious. Vacuuming once a week helps prolong their life. When something that may stain your carpet is spilled, blot it up first before using any cleaners. Take your time when you clean carpets. You may want to use a steam cleaner as well, though that’s often something that’s done annually or semi-annually.

Are Some Floors Better For Kids?

Pets aren’t the only destructive presences that may find their ways onto your flooring. Kids can end up causing all kinds of spills and accidental damage as well. While carpet is prone to getting dirty, it’s also soft and great for younger kids as a safety measure. Laminate floors can be useful for younger kids as well, as they can hold up to wear and tear and won’t get scratched up from use. Once your children are old enough, it may be a good time to introduce traditional, beautiful hardwood floors. Flooring and installation are all about considering what your current and future needs are going to look like.

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