3 Commercial Flooring Pros and Cons

Everything you put into your business should be thought of as a careful investment. And, you want the biggest returns for your money. That is the type of attitude you should feel about purchasing your commercial flooring. Selecting the right kind of flooring for your business place is an immensely important decision. You’ll want to choose the right material for your commercial flooring to suit your day-to-day operations, which will vary with your industry. Today, we will present you with three types of popular commercial flooring choices, along with the must-know pros and cons of these materials. Your informed decision will be the best decision for your commercial property.

Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpeting comes in broadloom and tiles. Depending on your choice, you will experience variations of comfort underfoot of soft carpet flooring, as well as in the design. Generally, most commercial buildings, like offices and schools, opt for darker colors as it is easier to hide dirt until cleaning. For large spaces, you’ll find that carpet helps control echoing and reduces ambient noise. Be aware that some carpet tile installations will produce pronounced seams, which may not suit your design style. Additionally, not all carpet is created with the same durability and may require occasionally replacing the tile, or the entire flooring altogether.

Commercial Hardwood

Hardwood is coveted by the right businesses looking to take advantage of the look of wood floors. Refined workplaces, retail stores, cafes, and more, believes hardwood lends a ton of character to the interior. The entire feel of the room can change drastically based on the color, wash, and finish of the wood floors. In terms of durability, proper maintenance can help limit the appearance of minor scratches or dents but are generally easily damaged under high foot traffic or heavy furniture. Further, engineered and solid wood flooring have a reputation for holding a high price tag.

Commercial LVT

Lastly, we can’t forget to mention the ubiquitous LVT, or luxury vinyl tile. LVT has become a prime choice for flooring in business and residential properties alike. The human-made material can be produced in various colors, styles, and patterns. It can even replicate the look of more expensive stone and wood floors without the required cost and care. In fact, LVT’s outer layer is made to resist the appearance of long term wear and tear so that it will look new for longer. Be aware that LVT is hard and can be quite uncomfortable in a commercial environment where workers are expected to be on their feet for long periods. Compromising the thickness of the protective outer layer can mean compromising the clarity of your desired printed design.

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