3 Best Tips for Protecting Hardwood Floors in Your Kitchen

In today’s day in age, many people hardly contemplate whether or not to install hardwood floors in their kitchens anymore. Modern manufacturing and installation techniques make it very common to see wood flooring in our home’s kitchen. In fact, all homeowners really need to do is choose a style of solid or engineered hardwood to get those desirable hardwood floors. But, for a room in your home as moisture-prone and high-traffic as your kitchen, you’re going to need to follow a few tips to protect your investment and keep your hardwood floors looking their best!

Keep Them Clean

The best tip for caring for hardwood floors anywhere in your home is to keep them clean. That means you’ll need to be diligent about sweeping away debris and wiping up moisture. Dust and other debris that stays on your wood floors can accumulate between the planks or end up scratching the finish.

Further, moisture is never good for hardwood floors, since it can seep into the wood and warp or rot the wood over time. Kitchen floors get messy faster than almost anywhere else in the house because the household tends to use this room the most. Also, mess and accident-prone activities happen here, like cooking, dishwashing, and other spills.

For best practice, commit to a simple daily sweep of your kitchen floors, and soak up spills as soon as you spot them.

Use Area Rugs

Placing a few area rugs in the most high-traffic and mess-prone areas of your kitchen goes a long way in protecting your hardwood floors. These areas are likely to be in front of the sink, stove, dishwasher, and even the refrigerator. The area rug will take the brunt of daily wear-and-tear and add style to your overall kitchen design. The areas in front of the dishwasher and refrigerator tend to get wet easily, either during the loading and unloading of dishes or if your refrigerator has a water and ice dispenser.

When selecting your area rugs for your hardwood floors, make sure the backing is a suitable material that will not discolor or leave residue on your floors. You may need to look into purchasing a wood-safe rug pad to go underneath your area rugs.

Don’t Forget Furniture Pads

For homeowners with counter seating or an eat-in kitchen, you can’t forget to use furniture pads underneath the legs of your chairs, stools, and tables. Felt-backed furniture pads are best since they won’t be abrasive when you need to scoot and slide your chairs. Sometimes, the furniture pads can even prevent small dents from forming on your floorboards since they offer a little cushion between the furniture leg and the hardwood.

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